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      With 5G becoming a reality, smartphones become increasingly more indispensable to human life, and smartphone nowadays offer way beyond communication functions. The APPs, data communication, gaming and computing markets are continuously evolving, creating steady demand for safer, more powerful and rapid charging batteries. TWS's knowhow spans throughout the entire array of processes from the inception of a new battery solution, integrated seamlessly with the devices during its design, through careful selection of cell designs and chemistries, robust mechanical design solutions, and knowledgeable software integrations.?

      Why TWS?

      • Pioneer in turnkey 2-cell high voltage fast charge battery solutions

      • Experience in mechanical tolerance analysis (cell normal swelling) and knowhow to design compact battery packs

      • Integrated SIOP business process (Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning) to meet dynamic demand fluctuation

      • Large scale automated production lines for precise and miniature components in battery assembly