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      TWS has a legacy of unrivaled quality and safety for more than 20+ years in designing and manufacturing lithium-ion battery packs. TWS understands the unique and challenging aspects of the medical space and is prepared to meet all of the industry certification standards as well as the demanding qualification and testing criteria. With an ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility TWS's rigorous, in-house vertically integrated approach serves as the basis to meet these standards, ensuring that your medical products are reliable and safe. TWS's track record, resources, and approach places TWS at the forefront of medical battery integrators and will continue to successfully serve large-scale, top tier medical device manufactures.

      Why TWS?

      • In-house engineering R&D, NPI, and FAE resources will ensure a streamlined, controlled holistic approach from concept to design through mass production.

      • Vertically integrated approach to manufacturing with full traceability of components results in the most rigorous quality control in battery pack industry.

      • Proven Six Sigma quality control and improvement methodology

      • Strong history of developing and patenting customized, innovative technologies.